Pleasance Theatre Trust

Pleasance Theatre Trust logoPleasance are the largest promoter at the largest theatre & comedy festival in the world – The Edinburgh Fringe.

I worked as part of the Crew in Pleasance Forth – a new venue for 2011. As the main sound engineer for the venue, I mixed for several acts – Amateur Transplants, Idiots of Ants and Vive Le Cabaret - for the duration of the fringe. I also acted as general venue crew, maintaining the venue and configuring the sound desk for all other acts in the venue.

Other acts in Pleasance Forth in 2011:
SOLD, Young Pleasance – Teechers, Still Life Dreaming, Belarus Free Theatre, Ed Reardon and Rose starring Art & Keira Malik.

Brain Tumour UK

Brain Tumour UK logoBrain Tumour UK are a leading brain tumour charity based in Buckinghamshire.

As part of a transition to a new website, I worked alongside the charity’s media desk and design agency Saatchi in creating content and fine-tuning the website’s design and functionality.

Additionally, for my final project at Oxford Brookes, I produced spoken word support materials. This was produced in a Q&A style, with help from a voice actress to deliver the information as clearly and empathetically as possible.

Blog #1

Hi, I’m Jamie.

I’m a Sound Technology & Digital Music graduate from Oxford Brookes University, and am a self-confessed geek. This blog serves as the home for my musings on Music, Technology (and probably politics, when the mood strikes me).

Hopefully I’ll gain a few followers, and entertain the masses. Though that might be wishful thinking.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in response, too.